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Ep101: A Look Back + New Horizons

On this episode of The Angry Millennial, we take a look back on the past 100 episodes, the start of the show, and how it's impacting both our lives.

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Jessica co-hosts this episode where we chat about how it all start with The Angry Millennial + how Corwin pushed me to start the show. Jessica's journey of thinking I'm just an emo llama to becoming the show's producer + supporting a lot of the show is humorous to say the least. We talk a lot about how it's helped us as a couple, along with her career taking off in it's own right during this time with a new full-time job + starting her own small design company, Ume Creative. With 101 episodes done, we're deciding to take some big leaps to take the show into a whole new direction while also doing more coming up with Creatives Aga;nst Depression.

We give insight into what's next for the show + what listeners can expect in the coming months. With that said, we'll be posting a thorough blog post this week detailing more of what's to come, how #AMNation can benefit from some awesome giveaways, and more, so stay tuned.

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Ep00: Welcome to The Angry Millennial Show

Hey guys and welcome, to The Angry Millennial Show! This episode will help guide you on the binge-listen adventure you’re about to embark on. My name’s Jose Rosado and I’m your show creator + host. 

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Now what we’ve attempted to do from the start of the show was to give our listeners engaging, thought-provoking content to help them on their own creative journey, but as fans ourselves, we knew that we needed to ask questions our guests have never been asked before, dive into topics deeper than ever before, + get to know our guests better than ever before, all for you guys—AM Nation.

On this show, you’ll hear from photographers, screenwriters, authors, directors, cinematographers, comedians, magicians, recording artists, makers, builders, + more. As for what you can expect from The Angry Millennial, you’ll get explicit, in-depth interviews from some of the most well-known, respected + bad-ass people in the creative industry. 



In this series you'll hear from guests like:


Film Industry Pro’s: 


Makers + Builders: 


Yet, folks, that’s just the first 100 episodes! After Ep100, we’ll be switching to a new seasonal format where we tackle specific industries across 20-episode seasons partnering up with some amazing brands to bring The Angry Millennial Show to a whole new level, so stay tuned! Also, make sure to use the robust search feature on the home page if you’re looking for a specific guest or topic we’ve covered. 

And lastly, as always, if you’ve enjoyed the show, PLEASE be sure to leave us a review on iTunes letting us know what you think + what you enjoyed about the show so we can continue to make it the best it can be.