Ep101: A Look Back + New Horizons

On this episode of The Angry Millennial, we take a look back on the past 100 episodes, the start of the show, and how it's impacting both our lives.

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Jessica co-hosts this episode where we chat about how it all start with The Angry Millennial + how Corwin pushed me to start the show. Jessica's journey of thinking I'm just an emo llama to becoming the show's producer + supporting a lot of the show is humorous to say the least. We talk a lot about how it's helped us as a couple, along with her career taking off in it's own right during this time with a new full-time job + starting her own small design company, Ume Creative. With 101 episodes done, we're deciding to take some big leaps to take the show into a whole new direction while also doing more coming up with Creatives Aga;nst Depression.

We give insight into what's next for the show + what listeners can expect in the coming months. With that said, we'll be posting a thorough blog post this week detailing more of what's to come, how #AMNation can benefit from some awesome giveaways, and more, so stay tuned.

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