Ep93: Timothy Giuliani

On this episode of The Angry Millennial, we're chatting with illustrator + graphic designer, Timothy Giuliani.

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Timothy’s career as an illustrator and graphic designer began in 2008 at Chicago alternative comedy venue The Lakeshore Theater, and his work has been closely tied to Chicago’s comedy scene ever since. His work at Onion Labs has involved creating artwork for ad campaigns for a number of national brands, including a recent line of Mike’s Hard Lemonade can designs. Notable clients include the NFL, Audi, Procter & Gamble, General Mills, + YouTube to name a few. 

In this episode, we chat about how he's the first person I ever met who looked exactly like their branding caricature, what it was like starting his career during the recession, getting his start with in the Chicago comedy scene, what it's been like doing work for podcasting powerhouse, Marc Maron, how we did for his first ever interview, the Vivian Maier story, and more on this episode of The Angry Millennial.

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