Dixie Dixon


Ep74: Dixie Dixon

On this episode of The Angry Millennial, we're chatting with Nikon Ambassador, speaker, + commercial fashion photographer, Dixie Dixon.

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Dixie Dixon is quite an amazing testament to how hard work, shooting all the time, and networking can catapult your career like hers has in just six short years. After winning a contest in college to go to WPPI on a scholarship, she met with the Head of Marketing of Nikon, which led to her shooting a camera campaign for them shortly after and later becoming a Nikon Ambassador.

We chat about her involvement in the latest Nikon D5 campaign, how studying aboard in London through a Syracuse University program and assisting some of the European greats helped launch her career. Like most AM guests, Dixie has been on CreativeLive for fashion lighting as she grew a following around her style work. We talk about how through a commercial career you quickly realize how to give honest upfront feedback to your team to make sure no one wastes their time and more on this episode of The Angry Millennial.

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