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Ep96: Kim Kaupe

On this episode of The Angry Millennial, we're chatting at WeWork in NYC in the offices of ZinePak, with Co-Founder, Kim Kaupe.

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Kim is an entrepreneur out of New York City + Co-Founder of ZinePak; a company of dedicated SuperFans, who’ve worked with entertainers as diverse as Katy Perry and KISS; properties ranging from Frozen to Orange Is The New Black; teams including the Boston Red Sox and New York Mets; and brands including Unilever, MillerCoors, and American Express. Kim + her partner, Brittany Hodak, have been featured in Inc.'s 35 Under 35, Forbes 30 Under 30, + Entrepreneur's Top 30 Startups to Watch.

In this episode, we chat about how we met at the Next Gen Summit earlier this year, the importance of patience when building a company from nothing, how they managed to be the only 100% self-funded company on Inc.'s 35 Under 35 List, what it was like being on Shark Tank + ultimately turning down a ~$700+ million dollar deal, how her mother is really not going to like the foul language in this interview, the current state of women-owned businesses in a report done by American Express, and more on this episode of The Angry Millennial.

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