Ep53: The Blair Brothers

On this episode of The Angry Millennial, we're chatting with composer duo, Brooke + Will Blair, of the Blair Brothers.

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In this episode, we chat about their beginnings in music and battling bands as a sibling rivalry, their band 'Infectious Organisms' opening for acts like Outkast + RUN DMC, how the Black Eyed Peas broke up their band, their documentary work like I AM YUP'IK + Killing Them Safely, working off of a script alone to score the music, what it's like to be Philadelphia based doing lots work for LA clients, their big release for Green Room with Sir Patrick Stewart, doing a 30 pieces in 30 days project to stay sharp, the importance of 'buying the van', Wolfman vs The Creature of the Black Lagoon, and more on this episode of The Angry Millennial.

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