Ep12: Guest Recap - Thanksgiving

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On this episode of The Angry Millennial, I chat about some of the amazing guests we’ve had on the show, some that we’ve spoken with that are coming up, and some awesome upcoming guests over the next few weeks that you guys will love to hear from. Some recent ones include Elizabeth McLeod, of McLeod & More, Inc. who penned Why Millennials Keep Dumping You: An Open Letter to Management, Sam Aquillano of the Design Museum Foundation, who brings design a nomadic museum of all things design, and Michael Paul Smith, an all around creative model maker & photographer behind the Elgin Park Project has become a worldwide success that was even a subject of a short film.

Plus it’s a holiday look back on how thankful we all are that we’ve been able to have such inspiring, fun, and interesting guests so early on in this wild journey.

We even have some upcoming guests like Keith Gentile, CEO of AgencyAccess, headshot photographer, Peter Hurley, celeb Getty photographer, Noam Galai, and photographer turned art director, Gage Young.

Remember to always use #theangrymillennial on social media + follow @millennialangry on Twitter to ask any questions you'd like any of the upcoming guests to answer during the show.