Upcoming Guests

Photographer: Branden Harvey

VC Partner + former CEO of oDesk: Gary Swart

Photographer + Mextures Creator: Merek Davis

AgencyAccess CEO:  Keith Gentile

Art Director:  Gage Young

Photographer:  Dustin Genereux

Retoucher:  Pratik Naik

Recording Artist:  Brandon Howard

Tattoo Artist:  Nick Keiser (@deadmeat)

Composers:  The Blair Brothers

Founder/CEO of Bokehfire:  Pano K

Model/Activist:  Desiree Elyda

Cyclist/Motivator:  Charon Smith

Entrepreneur:  Tommy Updegrove

We're pretty luck to say we've got some amazing guests lined up for you guys! 

Here's a running list of people from all creative walks who you can expect to hear us chat with.